GEM App (Gender Equality Measurement App) was released!

GEM App (Gender Equality Measurement App) is now available!

In 2022, the Japanese government has announced that it will impose a mandatory disclosure of the gender wage gap for companies with 301 or more regular employees.

"GEM App" provides an application that estimates the gender wage gap by controlling basic attributes so that each company can confirm the existence of the gender wage gap within the company, understand the reasons why it exists, and take measures to eliminate the gap.

Features of the GEM App

  1. Measure a gender wage gap based on econometrics
    The results of the calculations, which are statistically processed based on economic insights, are displayed, so the true difference between men's and women's wages can be measured without the influence of other factors.
  1. Analyze your data and get results effortlessly
    Based on the personnel data provided, the system automatically displays the results of calculations related to the "gender wage gap," for which the government has set disclosure requirements, as well as the results of evaluations of gender wage gap indicators, which are independently estimated by controlling for basic information, so that you can grasp information about the wage gap in your company at a glance.
  1. Clarify factors contributing to the gender wage gap
    Controlling for a variety of variable (e.g., department/job title, working hours, etc.), multiple models provide insights that lead to identify causes.
  1. Provide commentary for countermeasures to eliminate a gender gap
    We will provide checklists and explain how to interpret the analysis results, the factors that cause wage disparities, and the additional analysis methods that should be conducted to understand these factors.