GEM App (Less than or equal to 500 regular workers)

GEM App (Less than or equal to 500 regular workers)

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This product is a solution that automatically analyzes information on the gender wage gap based on corporate labor data to help companies determine whether there is a wage gap between men and women in the companies, understand the causes, and take necessary action.

<Calculation items>

  • Wage differentials between men and women (ratio of women's wages to men's wages) in the three categories of all workers, regular employees, and non-regular employees*1
  • An index of the gender wage gap estimated by controlling for basic attributes such as duration of service, position, and education using a proprietary calculation method.

(*1) Items designated as "mandatory items to be announced" in the "Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace" (Ministerial ordinance amended and enforced on July 8, 2022).

<Payment Method / Deliverables>

<Payment Method>





(500 or less)

An application that automatically analyzes calculated items based on imported labor data and displays the results on the screen.


Operation Manual

Operation manual describing how to operate the application, view analysis results, process imported data, etc.


Explanatory Guide

Guidance material explaining background information on the gender wage gap and next actions based on the analysis results, etc.


Sample data

Sample data that can be loaded into the application.
Please use this as a reference when creating the data to be loaded or checking the analysis results screen.


Template file Data describing a template format for creating data to be loaded into the application.



  • This product is a one-year subscription contract and will be automatically renewed at the end of the one-year license. If you do not wish to renew the contract, please notify us of your desire to stop renewal by the deadline for notification of non-renewal (7 days prior to renewal).
  • Please note that no refunds will be issued if you cancel your subscription during the subscription period.
  • This product requires license verification before it can be activated. When you purchase this product, a product license key will be emailed to your registered email address on Shopify.
  • This page is only available for automated analysis applications for companies with Less than or equal to 500 regular workers in the most recent fiscal year. If you load data for more than the maximum number of workers, an error will occur and analysis results will not be displayed.
  • The analysis results calculated by this product can be transcribed into your internal documents and materials. In addition, graphs and charts of the analysis results obtained by this product may be published externally, provided that you also clearly state that the analysis results were obtained using the name of this product.
  • Any other commercial use of the information obtained from the Product is prohibited. For details, please refer to Article 5 (5) of the Terms of Use.
  • Acquisition or modification of the program code of the application is prohibited. Please refer to Article 5 (7) of the Terms of Use for details.

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